August 10, 2018

McAfee Activate- Digital Security at your fingertips |

Delivering the consumers and businesses, a great assortment of highly advanced security products, McAfee has earned a reputed position among the cybersecurity providers. McAfee products have been designed in a way to easily and quickly detect the viruses and other harmful online activities. Once detected, the security software immediately comes into the action and alerts the user about the infection.

On a single command, the antivirus or the security software fixes out the virus infection. In short, McAfee creates a strong protection layer to protect the following:

  • Computer Systems- By enabling virus-free downloads
  • Computer Networks- By keeping a watch over the online activities and data transfers via the internet
  • Confidential Data- By providing file lock and other out of the box features

To make the most of McAfee security, you can either get its trial version or go for a paid one. The former will make you have an idea of the basic security features McAfee offers. On the other hand, if you choose a paid version, you can secure your digital world from every nook and corner. What comes next to the purchase are download, installation, and activation of your specific McAfee antivirus.

For the first two processes, you have to visit and follow the on-screen instruction. Thereafter, you have to activate it using a series of steps. Check out the same below:

Pre-requisites to McAfee Activate

Not to mention that your system should have an uninterrupted internet connection. What needs to take care of is 25-digit McAfee license keycode. Keep it handy before you begin with the activation process. For this, you can redeem it either through the email ID you have provided during the McAfee activate online purchase or on the back of the McAfee Retail Card, received with the offline purchase.

In the former case, log in to your registered email ID or the ID you have provided during McAfee Activate Online Purchase at Search the order confirmation email and you will find the license key code there.

On the contrary, if you have purchased your McAfee antivirus from any authorized retail store then unpack the kit and take out the retail card to check the McAfee license key code along with the further instructions to install the same on your Windows or Mac device.

Activate your McAfee subscription via

Activating the McAfee subscription can be done in two ways, which further depends on the mode of purchase, i.e. Online or Offline. Here, you will get the procedure for both:

McAfee Activate- Online Purchase

If you have purchased and downloaded your subscription through the official website, then follow these steps to activate it:

  1. If you see the McAfee activate notification in the notification bar, click it
  2. You will be asked to provide your product key
  3. Enter the same and hit Activate
  4. Wait until the process finishes!


  1. Open the installed McAfee on your device
  2. Go to the menu
  3. Find Activate under Subscription
  4. Provide the product key you have redeemed earlier
  5. Click Activate and it’s done!
  6. Your device is now protected!

McAfee Activate- Offline Purchase

Follow the below-given instructions:

  1. Take out the McAfee Retail Card from the complete antivirus kit
  2. Go through the instructions given for the installation and activation
  3. Don’t perform any other action while the activation continues!

Technical glitches you may find during Activation

While performing activation, you might experience some issues including:

  • Unable to find the product key
  • Unable to redeem the product key
  • “Invalid product key” error
  • Unable to activate your McAfee subscription

To receive the immediate solution for the aforementioned or the other McAfee activate activation errors, connect to a McAfee certified technician.